Thursday, 5 January 2012

How to Remove the Explorer.Exe Trojan Horse

Explorer.Exe is a file your operating system uses to display features like the desktop and taskbar. However, it is also a common name for trojan horses and viruses hoping to disguise themselves and avoid deletion from your computer. The legitimate file is located at C:\Windows\Explorer.Exe. An Explorer.Exe file anywhere else is a trojan horse or other nasty bit of malware.


  1. Run Windows' "Malware Removal Tool," a helpful piece of software that is included on every Microsoft computer. To do so, click Start from the desktop's lower right corner and select "Run." Type in "MRT" (no quotes) when the input box appears and hit ENTER. If you encounter problems, download a new copy for free from Microsoft (link under Resources).
  2. Click once on the "Next" button, then once on "Full Scan." The "Full Scan" offers a greater chance of removing the Explorer.Exe trojan horse than the "Quick Scan" does.
  3. Click once on the "Next" button to start scanning. Follow the steps that appear on screen to remove the Explorer.Exe trojan horse.
  4. Click once on the "Finish" button, then restart your computer.

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