Thursday, 5 May 2016

How to Manually download the McAfee update

Image result for mcafee latest update file free downloadIf you have a intranet network in your organization and may you have faced the issue to keep up to date the antivirus, if you are using the McAfee Enterprises version than we can show you how to update the manually update the apply it intranet network and update all your PCs.

if you are license member of McAfee, than download the manually update from here.

 But before downloading the executable and update file you must know which file you have to download kindly read the below FAQ.

  • How do I know which DAT to use?  
With the introduction of the V3 DAT, Intel Security will be supporting two independent DAT packages at the same time. If you use the auto-update functionality in your products, no action is required. The automatic update mechanism will download and install the correct DAT update.

If you elect to download the DAT package for your product manually via the security updates page you will need to know if you require either the V2 or the V3 DAT.

    Only Endpoint Security 10 requires the V3 DAT.
    Any other enterprise products will continue to use the V2 DAT.

  • Why is Intel Security introducing a new V3 DAT?
The new architecture used in Endpoint Security 10 required structural changes to the DAT. The existing V2 DAT could not be modified to support existing products and Endpoint Security 10.
  • What is the difference between V2 DAT and V3 DAT?
The V3 DAT incorporates a new structure that is compatible with AMCore-based products such as Endpoint Security 10.
  • Will the current V2 DAT be discontinued in the future?
There are no plans to end-of-life V2 DATs.
  • What is the size of the V3 DAT?
The size may vary over time. At the time of publication, the V3 DAT is approximately 30 MB compressed.
  • Is there a detection and performance advantage using the V3 DAT?
Products that use V3 DATs offer protection that is comparable to V2 DATs. Look for more information about the performance of Endpoint Security 10 soon.

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