Sunday, 2 June 2013

How to Safely Remove 'System Care Antivirus' from your PC

Its little bit harassing you when you got unwanted application will installed automatic in your PC this type of application show you fake news about your computer like "Your computer is unsafe", "You PC have Trojan infected  and lot more thinks.

Today morning when i open the my computer i got message from my friends and he say "his computer infected from virus "System Cure Antivirus" so i starting to read something about this "System Cure Antivirus" its not installed in Program file so "How to remove this."
Solution :
  • Shutdown you PC and restart and press "F8" when the booting option will come.

  • Select the "Safe Mode With Networking"

  • Your PC is start normally as before but Display (Screen) Resolution has changed.
  • Go to Start and select "Run"

  • Type "%Appdata%" then "Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" you will find "System Cure Antivirus Folder or above image folder 
  • Select all these folder and delete or use Shift+Delete ..
  • Restart your PC and now you are safe.

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